Textbook FAQ

Q: How can I purchase a textbook?

A: At the CCM Campus Store, there are two ways to purchase textbooks and materials for your courses. Students can visit the Campus Store in the Student Center with a copy of their schedule (either from Titan's Direct or printed out) and make their selections in person. They may also purchase textbooks and materials right here on the CCM Campus Store website for in-store pickup or shipping! 

Begin your textbook serach by selecting the "Textbook" menu at the top of the webpage.  You will then be shown a brief reminder that the information on our webiste is the most recent information the Bookstore has available, but as always you should verify that infromation with your instructor before purchasing anything that cannot be returned.  You will then be prompted to select your semester.

To find your materials you will need your course information because our textbooks are sorted by course and section numbers.

For example:

ACC 111 -12345 

ACC is the Department. In this case, Accounting. Once you click on the box labeled "ACC - Accounting" a list of courses will appear. Clicking on the course number ACC-111 then opens the sections, or individual classes, within that course, including faculty information if available. 12345 is the five digit section number unique to your class. This is the most important number as different sections of a course can use different materials, even if the faculty is the same! 

You can also access textbook information directly here: https://bookstore.ccm.edu/college 

Q: There are several selections under my course, how do I  make the right one?

A: When a course has many different selections it is important to read each choice carefully. Depending on the course, there may be required items, suggested or optional items, or a choice between items. If an item has a choice (Choose 1 of 2, for example) this means that there is a choice in format. A book may either come in a Looseleaf format, a Hardcover, or ebook.  Courses requiring an access code often have a choice between an all-digial option or an access code that includes a physical textbook.  The item description will tell you based on the type of item it is. If you ever have any questions or concerns about what an item description is, or what format the item could be, you can always use our live chat, or send us an email at: bookstore@ccm.eduSuggested or Optional titles are those deemed not necessary for the completion of the class, but chosen by the faculty for being helpful to students.

Q: I see there's an Access Card and an Access Code, what's the difference?

A: An Access Card is a scratch off version of an access code. The Access Card is a physical item you can hold and pick up from the store, while an access code is delivered to your inbox as an email shortly after your order is placed.

Q: What about Rentals? Does the CCM Campus Store do rentals?

The CCM Campus Store does do rentals. For further information about our rentals (i.e. Dates, Policies and Procedures) you can go to: https://bookstore.ccm.edu/rentals

Q: How can I get an online order?

A: Online orders can be obtained in one of three ways: shipping, in-store pickup, or email delivery. The selection is made during the checkout process. Be sure to read the up-to-date shipping time information on the checkout page before submitting your order.  We typically offer UPS and USPS shipping, but available options will show at the point of checkout.  We also offer in-store pickup. Due to COVID, please visit https://bookstore.ccm.edu/person-pickup for in-store pickup status and instructions. 

Q: Do I need an appointment to get my books? 

A: Due to COVID, some pickup times require an appointment. It is important that incoming guests check our In-Store Pickup page to confirm whether an appointment is required: https://bookstore.ccm.edu/person-pickup