At the CCM Campus Store you can rent many of the books you are required to use for your classes and save up to 80% off of the original list price. 


    • You must be a CURRENT student of the County College of Morris. At the time of rental you must present a current, updated Student ID valid for the semester you are renting in. (Updated Student ID stickers are available at Campus Life office.)

    • Understand that the material you are renting is property of the CCM Campus Store. You are responsible for the material, preserving it in the condition you purchased it in. 

    • Understand that if you damage the material (ie. Liquid, missing pages/covers) you will be responsible for the fees associated with the damaged item. (Fees are the difference between the rental price paid and full retail price of the book.)

    • Rentals must be returned by the date on your signed rental contract. If you fail to return the material by the designated date, a late fee and a hold will be placed on your student account. (This hold prevents registration, graduation and acquiring any/all transcripts.) The late fee is $10 PER BOOK/ITEM. 

    • ALL ITEMS FROM BOOK BUNDLES MUST BE RETURNED. (ie. a bundle of 2 books. Both books must be returned by the proper date.) Access codes that have been redeemed are not to be returned.

    • Any and all fees must be paid to the CCM Campus Store in order for the Bursar to remove the hold on a Student Account. This can be done via our website HERE. at this link, or in person with Student ID at the Campus Store.