At the CCM Campus Store you can rent many of the books you are required to use for your classes and save up to 80% off of the original list price. All you need to rent is a valid student ID with the current semester sticker from Campus Life.

Rentals allow students to pay a lower price for the book up-front with the promise that the student will return the book by the posted due date for the semester (See the Rental Agreement for details).  Think of it as a buyback guarantee in advance.

If the book is damaged (including liquid damage) the student is responsible for paying the difference between the rental and full price of the textbook (for example, the fee for a $100 textbook that rented for $60 would be $40).

If the replacement fee is not paid by the due date or the book is not returned at all, the student is also responsible for a $10 per book late fee.

Until the student has paid these fees, the College places a hold on their account (preventing registration or acquisition of a transcript).


These fees are payable in person or may be paid through our website HERE.