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Rental Policy:

1. I understand the rented material is the property of the CCM Campus Bookstore. I am responsible for the condition of the rented materials and I understand it must be acceptable to return upon the conditions listed below; I am responsible for returning material in saleable condition; for fees and replacement costs if rented material is lost, stolen, or returned in unsaleable condition as determined by the bookstore management. (Limited highlighting and writing in rented materials is permitted. Liquid damage/staining of any sort, torn out pages/covers, etc. are not permitted and will result in a charge) 

2. The CCM Campus Bookstore standard refund policy applies. If I drop a course, the rented material must be returned in its original condition. I understand that my rental fee is refundable only if the book is returned  during the refund period for the semester as printed on the original receipt.

3. If I fail to return the rented material by the Rental Return Due Date or return that material in an unsaleable condition, I understand that my credit card will be charged, or a hold will be placed on my student account until such time as I pay the full price of the book (minus the rental fee) of the material in question.


5. There is an additional processing fee of $10 for each late or lost item. The CCM Campus Bookstore is NOT RESPONSIBLE for reminding me of the rental return date.

6. Returns may be shipped at customer expense to the Bookstore via TRACKABLE methods only, and must be received before the due date. We are not liable for lost or damaged packages. Contact us at to receive a return authorization form.

Rental FAQ: 

  • What is a Textbook Rental?: At the CCM Campus Store, most of our textbooks are available to rent. A Textbook Rental at CCM is valid for one full semester. A textbook rental may be a used or new book depending on availability. Rentals give our students a flexibility to have the course materials at up to 80% off of the list price of the book! 
  • How Do Rentals Work?:  Renting means you pay only a fraction of the cost of the book up front and then return the book at the end of the semester.  No need to rely on end-of-semester buyback prices!  You know what you are saving from the beginning.  By renting through the CCM Campus Store, you are guaranteed to have your materials for the correct amount of time needed for your courses on campus or online. If you decide to keep the book, just pay the difference by the end of the semester.
  • Are there Late Fees? If I have Late Fees, How do I pay them?: In the event that a book is not returned on time, a $10 late fee per book is placed on your student account or charged to your credit card. With any fees, a hold is placed on your account as well.  In the event that books are not returned or are damaged, your account or card will be charged for the remaining balance of each book not returned (the difference between the rental and selling price).