The Longo Planetarium

Longo Planetarium


   Shows coming up through Summer 2019!


EDGE OF SPACE -  Some incredible exploration is going on right now, and into the near future!  We have created he fastest spacecraft, the most powerful telescopes, and made discoveries beyond anything we every expected.  We will look at some of the most amazing things in current astronomy, as see some of things going on soon.  (for ages 10 & up)

LAWS OF ATTRACTION -  The ultimate date night... in space!  This program looks at the ways that space naturally pulls things together.  There are some powerful forces that hold onto planets, stars, galaxies, and more.  Grab onto someone, and bring the person to join you to sit under the stars, and look deep into space. (this program is geared for adults)

SHAPES IN THE SKY - Our classic storytelling show for our youngest viewers has been updated with new adventures told by ancient cultures about the glittering dots they saw in the sky. They inspired wondrous tales and myths, and we’ll relive these amazing stories. (for ages 4 & up)

TINY WORLDS -  Our Solar System has some famous planets, but has some even more amazing smaller objects that are even more remarkable!  Moons, comets, asteroids, all have some incredible things we have discovered, and some secrets waiting to be uncovered.  Come see these amazing Tiny Worlds.  (for ages 7 & up)  

TOUR OF THE PLANETS - Our little corner of the  galaxy has a host of planets that are all remarkable in their own way. We will zip through the Solar System and take a closer look at these planets and other amazing sights to see. (for ages 7 & up)

ASTRONOMAGIC FOR MUGGLES - The Harry Potter universe is loaded with references to the night sky. Sirius, Draco, even Hermione, are named for amazing objects scattered throughout the galaxy and beyond. Aspiring wizards should come to this program about all things astronomical over Hogwarts. WANDS WELCOME!     



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