The Longo Planetarium

Longo Planetarium



(All programs are approximately 1 hour long.) 

The upcoming shows are:

“ASTRONOMAGIC FOR MUGGLES”:  The Harry Potter universe is loaded with references to the night sky.  Sirius, Draco, even Hermione, are named for amazing objects scattered throughout the galaxy and beyond. Aspiring wizards should come to this program about all things astronomical over Hogwarts.  WANDS WELCOME!    [October 26 – 3:00 pmOctober 26 – 5:00 pm]


OUR PERILOUS UNIVERSE”: Space is filled with the greatest of dangers! From massive solar flares to black holes, the perils are mighty. We'll explore some of the greatest hazards the universe has to offer. (for ages 8 & up)  [November 15 – 7:00 pm]

SHAPES IN THE SKY: Our classic storytelling show for our youngest viewers has been updated with new adventures told by ancient cultures about the glittering dots they saw in the sky. They inspired wondrous tales and myths, and we'll relive these amazing stories. (for ages 4 & up)

[November 16 – 3:00 pm, November 23 – 3:00 pm]

SPACE WEATHER”:  We know that we get wild weather here on Earth – but beyond Earth the weather REALLY gets wild!  We’ll look at the solar winds, giant hurricanes on other planets, wild colorful clouds of gas and dust from deep space, and more!  (for ages 8 & up) 

[November 22 – 7:00 pm]

“TOUR OF THE PLANETS”:  Our little corner of the galaxy has a host of planets that are all remarkable in their own way.  We will zip through the Solar System and take a closer look at these planets and other amazing sights to see. (for ages 7 & up)

[November 16 – 5:00 pm, November 23 – 5:00 pm]

A HOLIDAY UNDER THE STARS”: a sophisticated, historical look at the different perspectives of the night sky from cultures throughout the world. (geared for adults)

[December 13 – 7:00 pm, December 14 – 3:00 pm, December 14 – 5:00 pm]


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