Casio FX115ES Plus - Scientific Calculator

Casio fx115ES Plus - Scientific Calculator
  • Scientific Calculator
  • Features:Solar Plus with Battery Back-Up, Numerical Differentiation/Integration, Equation Solver, Prime Factorization, 40 Metric Conversions/40 Scientific Constants, Matrix/Vector Calculations, List-based Statistics (STAT Data Editor), Random Integers, Multi Replay Function, Product Calculation, Verification Function, GCD (Greatest Common Divisor)/LCM (Least Common Multiple) 
  • Capabilities: Trigonometric/Hyperbolic/Power/Sexagesimal Functions, Exponential/Logarithmic, Fraction Calculations, Calculation with symbol including simplifying radicals, Recurring decimal, Simultaneous Equations/polynomial Equations, Inequalities, Table Function, Complex Number Calculation, Coordinate Conversion, Permutation/Combination, Statistical Calculations (Standard Deviation), Statistical Calculations (Regression Analysis)